Issue #44 - Spring 2018

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• Where Things Useta Be In Taos
by Eric "Bear" Albrecht

• Loretto In Taos
by Eleanor Craig, S.L.

• Liz Cunningham:
A Remarkable Friend & Citizen
by Janet Webb

• Remedios: Traditional Herbal Remedies
Evolve & Survive In Taos
by Mary Ann Wells

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2017 Fall

Issue #43 - 12 pages

Governor Juan Bautista de Anza II:
55th Governor of New Mexico
by Dr. S. Pauline Anaya

Prehistoric Taos: A General View
by Skip Keith Miller

Memories of Past Christmases
by Josephine M. Cordova

The Sheep In Our Past
by F.R. Bob Romero


2017 Spring

Issue #42 - 12 pages

Taos County Historic Sites
by Patricia Joy Richmond

A Glimpse of Early Education in Taos
by Enos Garcia

"Bent Lodge No. 42"
by Dave Cordova


2016 Fall

Issue #41 - 12 pages

Taos' Pioneering Historian:
Helen Green Blumenschein & The Apodaca Trail
by Patricia Joy Richmond

Kit Carson: New Mexico Soldier
by Marc Simmons

by Judith Nasse

Los Matachines, Las Posadas & Farolitos
by Oclides Quintana Tenorio


2016 Spring

Issue #40 - 12 pages

Corina Aurora Santistevan: 1919-2016
A Tribute by Liz Cunningham

Miracles, Mysteries & Paranormal Phenomena
in the Taos Valley
by David Caffey

TCHS Honorees: Los Alegres de Taos
by Dave Cordova

Farewell to Corina, Grande Dame of Taos
by Enrico Miguel Velasquez


2015 Fall

Issue #39 - 12 pages

Bataan and Its Aftermath:
Taoseños Helped Hold the Line
by Jerry Padilla

Memories of San Francisco de Asis:
The Restoration of a Sacred Place
by Michael Miller

A Bouquet of Christmas Fragrance
by Corina Aurora Santistevan


2015 Spring

Issue #38 - 12 pages

Taos and The American Art Colony Movement:
The Search for an American School of Art
by Virginia Couse Levitt

La Acequia de Los Lovatos:
Tricentennial 1715-2015
by Juanita J. Lavadie

The Partido System Of New Mexico
by Michael Miller


2014 Fall

Issue #37 - 12 pages

Preserving Our History: The Duran Molino
by Corky Hawk

"El Guajalote" Many Names, Same Bird
by Michael Miller

A Tribute to Helen Greene Blumenschein

What Is History and Why Do We Study It?
by Dave Cordova

Chasing the Santa Fe Ring (David L. Caffey)
Book Review by Stephen Zimmer


2014 Spring

Issue #36 - 4 pages

Editing Taos: A Topical History
by Julia Moor

Ancient Pueblo Gardens
by Michael Miller

Message from TCHS President:
Ernestina Cordova

Corina Santistevan and Julia Moore Win
Lansing Bloom Award


2004 Winter

Issue #35 - 32 pages

Our Families Through Fashion
by Rowena Meyers Martinez and Nina Meyers

Entire Issue Dedicated to Photos and Captions of Taos' Historical Figures from History Pageant.

Photo on the cover is of the cast of characters of the Historic Fashion Show presented on September 26th, 2004 at the Martinez Hacienda in Ranchitos.

Script was written by Rowena Meyers Martinez & Nina Meyers


2003 Winter

Issue #34 - 32 pages

Padre Martinez Memorial
by Fr. Juan Romero

Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area
Awaits Designation

Early Tie Drive on the Rio Grande

High Hopes: A Look Back at the Idea of Creating a Book About the History of The Taos County Historical Society and Taos
by The TCHS Book Committee


2002 Summer/Winter

Issue #33 - 36 pages

Early Settlers of Carson, New Mexico
Narrated by Elmer Shupe (Feb. 23, 1963)

Talpa Chapel Dedicated to Padre Martinez
by Fr. Juan Romero

History of Ojo Caliente & the Mission Church
by Mrs. Theodore Heck

Arroyo Hondo: Padre Martinez Connection
by Fr. Juan Romero


2001 Winter

Issue #32 - 16 pages

The Sentencing of José Maria Martinez 1861
by Lyn Bleiler

Memories Which Create History:
Ranchos in the Early Days
by Marti J. Segura

Dawson Coal Mine
by Patrick Tafoya

Lack of Water Drives Snakes, Bears, Skunks into Town - The Taos News, August 8, 1963


2001 Summer

Issue #31 - 16 pages

Estilos del Tiempo - 19th Century New Mexican Hair Styles and Make-up
by Guadalupe Tafoya

The Kidnapping of Manuel de Atocha Martinez
As told by Mr. Esquipula Martinez

John B. Dawson: Pioneer, Cattleman, Rancher
Book Review by R. Danby Fillmore

The Mystery of the Apple Tree
by Kathy Cordova


2000 Winter

Issue #30 - 16 pages

The Taos "Revolt" of 1910
by Robert Torrez

El Camino Real de Taos: The East Fork of the North Branch of the Old Spanish Trail
by Peter Mackaness

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Taos County Historical Society - October 21, 1952

Time Capsule: 1910 - Devoured by a Bear 6/17
Not Devoured by a Bear 6/24


2000 Spring

Issue #29 - 16 pages

The Talpa Torreon: A Taos Treasure
by Peter Mackaness

Ceran St. Vrain's Taos Gristmill
by Andy Lindquist

Land of Enchantment, Land of Conflict:
NM in English Fiction by David L. Caffey
Book Review by T.N. Luther

Picuris Pueblo Through Time
Book Review by Sara Ford


1999 Fall

Issue #28 - 16 pages

Ciboleros: The Hispanic Buffalo Hunters of Taos
by Jerry A. Padilla

Los Remedios-Traditional Herbal Remedies
Evolve and Survive in Taos
by Mary Ann Wells

Brett: A Reminiscence (Dorothy Brett)
by Roberta Courtney Meyers

Revisiting Manby: The Cloak of Secrecy Unveiled
by Kathy Cordova


1999 Spring

Issue #27 - 16 pages

The Taos Tax Revolt of 1816
by Robert J. Torrez

Hollyhocks: The Taos Flower
by Ruth G. Fish

The Blumenschein Home Designated Landmark
Book Review by Herbert W. Dick

Taos County Historical Society Honors
Richard Archuleta
Sadie Ortiz-Knight


1998 Winter

Issue #26 - 16 pages

Santa Barbara Tie/Pole in the Sangre de Cristos
by George Graham / edited by Andy Lindquist

The Chili Line: Saga of the Squat Iron Horse
From Antonito to Santa Fe
by Bill Hemp

Pot Creek Dig Enters New Age
by Sara Ford

Taos Time Capsule:
Leon Gaspard Honored with Dinner


1998 Summer

Issue #25 - 16 pages

In or Out of the Mainstream?
The Lost Artists Of Taos
by David L. Witt

Our Teacher Alice Hyson: A Brief History of a Teacher at Ranchos de Taos 1884-1915
by J.M. Bernal

The Old Spanish Trail
and Its Clifton, England Connection
Reliving the Incredible Journey of American Pioneer
William Workman - 156 Years Ago


1997 Winter

Issue #24 - 16 pages

La Santísima Trinidad Parish: A Grand History
by Larry Torres

The Life Story of Teresina Bent Scheurich,
Daughter of Governor Charles Bent
by Ruth Fish

A Tradition of Use: Taos Furniture
by Guadalupe Tafoya

The Miraculous Lost and Found Painting
of Our Lady of Guadalupe


1997 Spring

Issue #23 - 16 pages

A Brief History of Theater in Taos: Part 2
by Elizabeth Cunningham

KKIT 1340 AM Signs Off
After 30 years of Community Service to Taos
by Fayne Lutz

Penitente Self-Government
Book Review by Herbert W. Dick

Taos Time Capsule: Luhan Home Bought by Star
Dennis Hopper buys Mabel Dodge Luhan House in 1970


1996 Winter

Issue #22 - 16 pages

A Brief History of Theater in Taos: Part 1
by Elizabeth Cunningham

Doc Martin's Locomobile
by Robert White

Forgotten People, A Study of New Mexicans
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight

Taos Time Capsule: Old Taos Flag Sent to Ohio
Flag raised by Kit Carson, Smith Simpson and Others in 1860


1996 Spring

Issue #21 - 16 pages

The Far Mountains:
Frank O'Rourke's Taos County
by David L. Caffey, PhD.

The Mystery of Taos: William Goyen
by T.N. Luther

The Novelist As Historian
by Arthur J. Bachrach

Memories from My Youth: The Gaspard House
by Sadie O. Knight


1995 Winter

Issue #20 - 16 pages

La Hacienda de los Martinez: A Brief History
by Skip Keith Miller

A Survey of Historical Aspects
of the Domestic Scene in Taos County
by Fayne Lutz

The Legend Behind Taos Ski Valley
by Antonia Joanelle Trujillo

History on Parade: Unique Birthday Gift
for Rowena Meyers Martinez


1995 Spring

Issue #19 - 16 pages

La Entriega de Los Novios
by Lorenzo A. Trujillo & Marie Oralia Trujillo

When the St. James was the Don Diego
(Cimarron, New Mexico in the 1930s)
by Fayne Lutz as related by Helen Haegler Welter

Taos County Historical Society Honors
Mildred Bruder Buchanan
Julie K. Vigil
by Andy Lindquist


1994 Winter

Issue #18 - 16 pages

Christmas, Los Pastores and History
by Dr. Thomas Chavez

Ranger's House at Tres Piedras,
A Legacy of Conservation Pioneers
by L.A. Lindquist

Echos of the Past
by John B. Quintana

Stories Behind Street Names of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos


1994 Spring

Issue #17 - 16 pages

Moreno Valley Tales: The Outlaws
by Fayne Lutz

Taos County Historical Society Honors
Hattie Carstens Trujillo
by Fayne Lutz

The Tie That Binds - Tia Monica
by Bridget Gallegos

Los Pobladores de Questa (Founders of Questa)
A Poem by Jose Praxedes Rael of Questa 1865-1976


1993 Winter

Issue #16 - 16 pages

New Mexico's Village Novels
by Dr. David Caffey

Elizabethtown in Moreno Valley, New Mexico
by Fayne Lutz

Las Posadas, Hispanic Christimas Tradition
Since Colonial Times
by Jerry Padilla

All I Want for Christmas
by Julie Vigil


1993 Spring

Issue #15 - 16 pages

Kit Carson: "Little Chief" and the Indians
by R.C. Gordon McCutchan, PhD.

El Santuario de Chimayo: A Personal Memory
by Sadie O. Knight

Moros y Cristianos: New Mexico Folk Plays
by Guadalupe Tafoya

Taos County Historical Society Honors
James B. "Jim" Griffin
Photographing & Documenting Churches/Chapels of New Mexico


1992 Winter

Issue #14 - 16 pages

La Tierra Bendita (El Santuario de Chimayo)
by Michael Miller

Taoseños Also Defended the Union
by Jerry Padilla

The Holiday Season at Taos Pueblo
A Blend of Two Beliefs
by Rick Romancito

Memories of Past Christmases
by Josephine M. Cordova


1992 Spring

Issue #13 - 16 pages

"Those Who Are Always Against Us"
Comanche Lore in Northern New Mexico
by Reed Anderson, PhD

Hispanic Tradition: Folklore Music & Dance
by Dr. Lorenzo A. Trujillo

Abuelitos: Stories of the Rio Puerco Valley
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight

Taos Adobes
Book Review by Leonard A. Lecht


1991 Summer/Fall

Issue #12 - 18 pages

The History of Ranchos de Taos Plaza
by Van Dorn Hooker

Symphony In Mud
by Rev. Jose Garcia

Christmas Pageants of Holy Trinity Parish
by Larry Torres

Taos (Poem)
by Raymundo Romero


1991 Winter

Issue #11 - 12 pages

Carson Returns To Taos
by Char Boie Graebner

An Interview with Kit Carson
by Judy Romero-Oak

Historical Marks in New Mexico:
A Traveler's Guide
Book Review by Mildred Bruder Buchanan

A History of the Jews In New Mexico
Book Review by Mildred Bruder Buchanan


1990 Spring

Issue #10 - 12 pages

Recollections of the Early Artists
by Helen Greene Blumenschein

Archive: Minutes of the First Meeting of the Taos County Historica Society - October 21, 1952
by Ruth G. Fish, Acting Secretary4

Remote Beyond Compare:
Letters from Don Diego de Vargas to His Family From New Spain and New Mexico 1675-1706
Book Review by F.R. Bob Romero


1989 Fall

Issue #09 - 12 pages

The American Valley Murders
by Victor Westphall

I Returned and Saw Under The Sun:
Padre Martinez of Taos
Book Review by Bob Romero

Helen Greene Blumenschein 1909-1989
Jack K. Boyer 1911-1989
David A. Baerreis 1916-1989
by David L. Caffey


1989 Spring

Issue #08 - 12 pages

Leopold Stokowski and Carlos Chavez:
The Taos Connection
by Robert L. Parker

Old Time: A Reminiscence of "Old Tim"
by Thomas M. Cook, Sr.

Padre Martinez: New Perspectives from Taos
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight

2 Guadalupes: Hispanic Legends & Magic Tales
Book Review by Char Graebner


1988 Fall

Issue #07 - 12 pages

Taos and the Bataan Campaign:
Jack Boyer Story of the Fighting Men of Taos and their Defense of the Philippines
by Jack Boyer

Mayordomo: Chronicles of an Acequia
in Northern New Mexico
Book Review by David L. Caffey

The Short Stories of Fray Angelico Chavez
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight


1988 Winter

Issue #06 - 12 pages

A Review of the Ranch, Trading Post, Mill and Distillery of Simeon Turley, Cañoncito, Arroyo Hondo, Taos County, New Mexico 1830-1847
by Ernest Lyckman

Happy Birthday, Philmont
by David L. Caffey

New Mexico in the 19th Century:
A Pictorial Essay
Book Review by Charlotte Graebner


1987 Summer

Issue #05 - 12 pages

Trail to Disaster: John C. Fremont's
Fourth Expedition in the San Juan Mountains
of Southern Colorado
by Patricia Joy Richmond

Map of the Territory of New Mexico
Drawn by Richard Kern in 1861

Spirit and Vision: Images of the
Ranchos de Taos Church
Book Review by David L. Witt


1987 Winter

Issue #04 - 12 pages

Taos and the American Art Colony Movement:
The Search for an American School of Art
by Virginia Couse Leavitt

Art in New Mexico, 1900-1945:
Paths to Taos and Santa Fe
Book Review by David L. Witt

Penitente Self-Government
Book Review by Herbert W. Dick

Weaving & Colcha from the Hispanic Southwest
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight


1986 Summer

Issue #03 - 12 pages

Our Lady of Aranzazu
by Corina Santistevan

Art in New Mexico, 1900-1945:
Paths to Taos and Santa Fe
Book Review by David L. Witt

Penitente Self-Government
Book Review by Herbert W. Dick

Weaving & Colcha from the Hispanic Southwest
Book Review by Sadie O. Knight


1986 Winter

Issue #02 - 12 pages

Ernest Blumenschein And The Great War
by Robert R. White

The Chili Line From Antonito to Tres Piedras
by John Comstock

Brett: From Bloomsbury to New Mexico
Book Review by Mildred Bruder Buchanan

Oscar E. Berninghaus: Taos, New Mexico
Book Review by David L. Witt


1985 Summer

Issue #01 - 12 pages

The Adobe Churches of New Mexico
by John L. Kessell

Bent's Old Fort: Citadel on the Santa Fe Trail
by Ernest Lyckman

Historic Churches of Taos County
Map of the Historic Churches of Taos

Sam Buchanan-7 Time TCHS Pres. Passes Away
by David L. Caffey

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