May 6, 2018
Sagebrush Convention Center
12 Noon

The featured speaker at the Honoree Luncheon is Henrietta Martinez Christmas, genealogical and historical researcher and New Mexico historian. The title of her talk is
"A History of Taos County Through Genealogy".

Henrietta Martinez Christmas a native New Mexican is a well-known genealogical and historical researcher. She descends from eleven of the soldiers that came with Onate in 1598. She has written several books which relate to New Mexico's small towns and history and over 160 articles about New Mexico's Colonial families. She is a long-time member and current President of New Mexico Genealogical Society. She has worked with the History Museum of New Mexico, The Albuquerque Museum, The El Camino Real Heritage site in preparing exhibits and researching historical sites. She is a frequent contributor to author's book in terms of researching biographies of individuals. She works with a group that honors historic women in New Mexico for the NM Historic Marker Program. Honored by the DAR for historic preservation, she has extracted and transcribed over 50 books which consist of hundreds o thousands of records. Her latest award-winning book The Genealogy Checklist won two awards in 2017. Her talk "A History of Taos County thruogh Genealogy" examines the ususal and unusual events, landdowners, censue and timelines of Taos County to see how one is connected to the history of this area.

Honoree Trudy Healy is a descendant from several generations of Ranchos de Taos family. Her father was Juan Valerio who taught her the value of acequia and the need to protect water. He set a great example with community service and was mayordomo of the acequia and commissioner of Taos County for two terms. Trudy's mother was Mercedes Gonzales Valerio and was responsible for her love of art. Trudy opened a gallery Milagro de Taos Gallery in 1988 and represented many artists among them the well-known Jim Wagner.

Honoree Ed Healy was a collector of Jim Wagner's art and had visited Taos since the 1970's. He worked as a CPA and an instructor at the University of Maryland and the Pentagon. His great-grandfather founded Utah Construction, which headed the six companies that constructed the Hoover Dam and built water infrastructure for the Empire State Building. Ed who was living in Maryland had grown up in the West. His interest in Jim Wagner's art led Ed into the gallery and after meeting Trudy fell in love with her and asked her to marry to him. Together they founded the private Healy Foundation, twenty-five years ago, that focuses primarily on land and water issues and projecdts but also supports education, arts, film and programs for the elderly. They live north of Taos on a place they named Rancho Milagro. The Arroyo Hondo River runs through the ranch as does the Acequia Atalaya.

Charles (Corky) C. Hawk is a Colorado native with a lifelong interest in the history of the West. He received his BA in economics from Yale University and his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. His special interest is pioneer roads and trails. He is a charter member of the Santa Fe Association and has studied historic trails in Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico. He contributed the essay "Camnios Antiguos: Trails Into the Taos Valley" for Taos: A Topical History Corky is a member of the Taos County Historical Society and served as a Board member and chair of the historic preservation committee. Corky is instrumental in the preservation of the Duran Molino.

The Taos County Historical Society is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1952 and dedicated to the
recording and preserving of the irreplaceable in Taos County. Membership is open to anyone upon the payment of dues.
For additional information on the programs, activities and history of Taos visit the Society's website at www.taoscountyhistoricalsociety.org
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Kit Carson - New Mexico Soldier

The Taos County Historical Society was formed in 1952 for the purpose of "... preserving the history of the Taos area...". It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Monthly meetings, the first Saturday of the month are held at Kit Carson Electric Boardroom with a featured speaker are open to the public and supported through memberships. These are also open to anyone upon payment of annual dues. For more information visit the Society's website, ww.taoscountyhistoricalsociety.org

Taos County Historical Society
has successully launched
"TAOS: A Topical History"

320 pages, 26 chapters and contributors.

Mil Gracias, A THOUSAND THANKS, does not begin to cover the many, many individuals to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. This debt is not only the living but also to those men and women who long ago began to preserve the journals and documents we now depend upon for knowledge of the past: the chroniclers who accompanied the explorers and settlers and who, dusty, tired and hungry, sat in the light of a candle to record in their journals the events of the day and the Franciscan clerics who made detailed reports of their canonical visits to the mission churches of Nuevo México.

Corina A. Santistevan
Acknowledgements in "Taos: A Topical History"

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